Davos 2017 Don Tapscott Predicts "Blockchain Davos" at World Economic Forum

While speaking at the WISeKey event, he’ll introduce the idea of a digital signature for his book signing. “The ability to track my book like a piece of art is pretty interesting, although I don’t know the details as of yet of how it actually works,” says Tapscott. He also plans to meet with an array of technology companies, public entities, government leaders, central bankers and ministers of finance while in Davos to discuss the current state of blockchain technology as well as its future possibilities.

Davos 2017
Blockchain Transformations at Davos

Today at Davos I participated in a world first: The digital signing of a physical book. Book signings are a standard part of an author’s life, and most view it as a chore. Readers also find the experience less than thrilling. They stand in line to get an autograph and perhaps share ten words with the author. But in Davos the digital signing my new book, Blockchain Revolution, was raised to a completely new experience. As soon as each book was signed, the book turned from pulp and paper into a digital gateway to a community of blockchain enthusiasts around the world.