Marco Simeoni is Creator and President of the Race for Water Foundation

A graduate of the Yverdon Engineering School and the Swiss Technical Union, in 2008 Marco Simeoni, a born entrepreneur, founded one of Switzerland’s leading mid-sized companies, Veltigroup. After meeting Stève Ravussin and Franck David, he committed to a one-design multihull project and created a championship. Environmentally-aware, Simeoni saw it as a showcase for promoting a cause close to his heart: water and its conservation. Thus the “Race for Water” foundation was created in 2010 to inform, share and take action for the conservation of water and our oceans in particular.

In 2015, fully dedicated to the foundation, he personally participated in the “Race for Water Odyssey”, to get a first-hand global vision of plastic pollution in our oceans. His 9 months at sea gave him valuable insight: plastic waste is everywhere and it is unrealistic to consider cleaning it up in the open ocean. We must quickly take action on land and deal with plastic waste before it enters the waterways. The foundation’s new mission is set: identifying, promoting and implementing solutions that give end-of-life plastics a value and creating new sources of income for the people most affected by this pollution.

Marco Simeoni